The story behind Monday Hong Dinners

Angie Hong's restaurant: ex Thanh Binh
Dan Hong's restaurants: El Loco, Ms G's, Papi Chulo, and Mr Wong

In the words of Angie Hong...

Monday Hong Dinners first started when we as family of five went to eat at different restaurants to get served on our day off. It was a great way to relax and to broaden our knowledge with different cuisines and different levels of service.

After running out of restaurants that we wanted to eat, Dan's father suggested that Dan and his sisters cook at home, and father would pay as if we were going to a restaurant (without money they would not cook as a matter of fact!)

At first it was just mum, dad and the three children, then boyfriends and girlfriends, chefs, chefs partners… we’ve had guests like Chris Ying (Lucky Peach), Matty Metheson, Maeve O' Meara, Will Young (founder of Campos Coffee).

Morgan McGlone (Belle’s Hot Chicken) is my favourite guest as he always invites himself (haha) and brings with him famous overseas guests who are visiting Sydney. We always have room to accommodate these contingents!

We had Amy and Palissa from Chat Thai and it was inspirational to all of us to see how different cultures and food philosophies can flourish in Australia.

Our staple at MHD is always roll-your-own rice papers with at least six varieties of herbs, steamed whole-fish, thinly sliced poached pork belly. Followed by a noodle soup such as pho, bun bo hue, bun rieu. Then ice cream and fresh fruits for dessert, and green jasmine tea mixed with English Breakfast tea. No one leaves hungry!

It’s great to see the influence that MHD has had on my family. Of course, Dan has gone on to become an incredibly successful chef and two of my nephews now work at Belle’s Hot Chicken. I’ve seen them grow up and become confident and ambitious young adults. Working hard and following the examples of all the great guests that have shared the table with them on a Monday night.

Dan and Angie will be cooking some treasured family recipes together at Monday Family Dinner.

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