The Truth About Food Waste

You might not know that each year we work with five community partners who champion local food causes.

Yume Food is one of these partners and they have a vital role to play in tackling the food waste epidemic in Australia.

Australia is a country of food lovers, however the sad truth is we also throw out over 9.5 million tonnes of food into landfill every year. 3.9 million tonnes of this is commercial food waste, coming from businesses in the food industry.

The most staggering figure of all is that it is estimated that 400,000- 600,000 tonnes of that food is perfectly edible, yet it still ends up in landfill.

How can 400,000 - 600,000 tonnes of perfectly edible food end up in landfill each year? From cancelled orders to over orders, lack of freezer space, the product might be close to code, or the buyer may simply reject the product if the aesthetics aren't perfect (yet the taste still is!). Food suppliers may struggle to find a new buyer for this surplus stock due to lack of time, network or space in their storage.

This is where Yume steps in. They are an online business-to-business marketplace that connects suppliers (distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, producers) to commercial buyers (restaurants, pub groups, wholesalers, hotels).

A great example came in early February this year, when a buyer purchased 8 tonnes of surplus salmon from the Yume platform. Not only was the salmon saved from landfill but this meant that 16 tonnes of carbon dioxide were diverted (from the landfill decomposition) and 500,000 litres of embodied water was saved (the estimated water energy it took to grow that amount of salmon). So by saving surplus, Yume is helping the planet in more ways than one.

You can support Yume and their war against food waste, or catch them at their event in the Festival, Conscious Deliciousness, which celebrates the origin of vibrant product grown with care, sustainable farming practices and reduced food wastage. Buy tickets here
Linkedin: Yume Food Australia

As a small not-for-profit who believes in contributing towards a better community, we find it important to support others like us with a strong food connection, as food is the fabric of our society.