Tony Twitchett's City Picks

Photo: Tony Twitchett

City of Melbourne has seemingly endless options for eating and drinking. We asked executive chef Tony Twitchett from Taxi Dining Room to share his favourite city cafes, restaurants and bars, along with his ultimate foodie day in Melbourne.

Your favourite spot in the City of Melbourne for a morning coffee?

For a morning coffee I go to Bar Americano just in case my coffee needs to be a cocktail. 

Which City of Melbourne restaurant do you love to visit on your night off?

On a night off I visit San Telmo for some light grazing or even some heavy duty barbecue meat.

Favourite place to eat on a warm Melbourne evening?

On a hot night I like to go to The Aylesbury Rooftop for a meal and drinks.

Where do you meet friends for a quick bite?

For a quick bite with friends I go to Chinatown where everywhere is quick. My favourites are Dainty Sichuan, BBQ City and Ling Nam.

Perfect spot for an after work drink in the City?

After work drinks (around midnight) is at Siglo or Cookie. 

You have one day to show off the Melbourne’s city. Where do you go? What do you eat?

I would get the train into Melbourne Central and have breakfast at Mr Tulk. Then I’d walk through the shopping district and head to the Yarra River. I would have lunch at Taxi Dining Room and point out all the iconic landmarks from the comfort of the dining room. I’d then go upstairs to Transit for some pre-show cocktails and enjoy the view from the balcony. After this I would see a show at Hamer Hall, the Regent Theatre or even back up to Her Majesty’s Theatre. After the show I would visit a rooftop bar - Siglo, Madame Brussels or the Rooftop Bar - for some beverages and a light supper.    

Taxi Dining Room will present Sake Dinner at the 2013 Melbourne Food and Wine. See the event listing for details.

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