Top tips for the ultimate coffee at home

The team at 5 Senses share their top tips for making the best coffee at home, which brew method is back in fashion and the key differences between espresso, plunger and pour-over coffee.  As big fans of coffee, we're all ears!

Fresh - Purchase freshly roasted, ethically sourced local coffee.  The recommended brewing age for coffee is three to 21 days post-roast. Store coffee in an airtight container and away from direct heat.

Water - Water makes up to 80% of your cup of coffee, so filtered water is a must.

Grind -  Find a burr grinder, either manual or automatic, that will help you grind fresh coffee for each brew capturing the most flavour and aroma.

Brew Method -  Filter coffee is coming back! Pull out the old plunger, pour over or Clever Coffee dripper, blow the dust off and get brewing for a cheap, accessible and tasty alternative to espresso.

Recipe - Start with a recommended brew ratio of 60g of coffee per litre of water. Time how long your water is steeping with the coffee and experiment with the grind size to your taste.

With so many brew options for making coffee, they also break down the key differences between, espresso, pour-over and plunger coffee:

Although each can be considered a manual brewing method, there are many intrinsic differences between each method that creates its own unique extraction. With all else being even (brew ratio, grind size, brew time and water temperature), here are three key differences between each method:

Pour over - Paper filter! The lining of the pour over can create a cleaner and potentially lighter bodied cup that best highlights certain characteristics in the final brew.

Plunger - Full immersion and agitation! Coffee fully submerged in water then agitated when plunged with a mesh filter can increase the potential for body and decrease the clarity in the final cup. Check out a Clever Coffee Dripper for full immersion with the clarity of the paper filter.

Espresso - Pressure! Coffee under high pressure increases the extraction rate of soluble, insoluble matter, volatile gases and aromas. This in turn creates a concentrated, heavy bodied and aromatic cup.

5 Senses, a partner of The Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar, will be part of a daily barista showcase.  Also stay tuned for more details on coffee workshops announced this month.

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