Weird and wonderful ingredients from the Peruvian Jungle and beyond

Michelin star chef Atul Kochhar has reinvented Indian cuisine attracting guests such as Prince Charles.   A cooking experience not to be missed!

Chris Salans enjoys the music made by the pots and pans while cooking up a Balinese storm using ingredients such as torch ginger, curry leaf and kaffir lime.   The international award-winning restaurant owner brings a whole new edge to Indonesian cuisine.

Alpaca ham, snails the size of baseballs, guinea pig and Peruvian jungle fruits, grains and spices are just some of the ingredients found in Pedro Miguel Schiaffino's kitchen. From exotic fruits, to fishes from rivers and lakes of the world’s richest ecosystem, Pedro Miguel explores the biodiversity and natural resources of his country to create contemporary dishes.

Missed out on tickets to Crown chef dinners?  Get hands-on at Culinarium cooking classes with Atul Kochhar, Chris Salans and Pedro Miguel Schiaffino from 9 - 11 March.