What’s cooking for our 2015 hub?

Artisan sourdough, caramel filled doughnuts, delicate croissants, brioche buns; the list goes on. Melbourne will have its baked goods fix sorted for 17 days from 27 February to 15 March.

It’s a project that’s been quietly rising in a warm place over the past six months and now we’re now excited to share some of the delicious details with you. From day to night, the 2015 Festival hub will be aworking bakery, workshop space, and wine, brews and coffee bar spreading the tempting aromas of freshly baked bread into the heart of Melbourne in Queensbridge Square.

Expect a line-up of the most innovative baking stars from around Australia taking the reins of the bakery every day. We’re also welcoming special international guests Justin Gellatlyfrom state-of-the-art bakery and baking school Bread Ahead in London and Eric Kayser, a fourth generation master baker from Paris with more than 80 Maison Kayser locations worldwide.

You have been warned: Melbourne’s obsession with artisan baking is set to reach new heights in March.

More news on the Festival Artisan Bakery & Bar to follow in the coming weeks.

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