Who is the MooMan?

A farmer and his cows is perhaps an unexpected subject for a “a laugh-out-loud, emotional roller-coaster of a journey.”

“Cows?!” Yes. You heard right.

Filmed over four years, The Moo Man steps into the mighty gumboots of Steve Hook, an organic dairy farmer in Sussex, England. As the daily trials and tribulations of a working farm unfold, a larger story gently unravels too – that of one man, his way of life, and the fast disappearing countryside.

The Hook family have been farming in Sussex for over 250 years. However Steve is fighting to keep his small 55-head organic herd afloat in full face of supermarket pressure to supply milk at 27p per pint - even though a pint costs 34p to produce.

Instead, he opts to create a boutique business selling unpasteurised milk at farmers’ markets and direct to doorsteps.

However farmer Hook's plans to save the farm do not always go down well with his Board of Trustees – it’s his highly opinionated cows who like to have the last word.

You’re introduced to each member of the Kate, Ida, Teena, Biddy and Rowena Friesian families, and watch him deal with their injuries, births and death with equal measure. There is no doubt that this is a compassionate and decent man who loves his animals. He knows his cows so well that he doesn’t even have to herd them - they come when called. Well – mostly… some have more attitude than others!

The peculiarly emotive tale was selected for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

At the Festival’s opening, director John Cooper praised the film: "I have kind of a crazy favourite…It’s a documentary called The Moo Man about a dairy farmer in England. I found it to be such a beautiful story, really touching.”

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