Winter warmers, cold busters and more

Don’t let the frosty days fool you. There’s still plenty of delicious fresh, local produce to get your hands on! Our friends at IGA share their tips on what produce is at its best in the cooler months:

  • Citrus is in abundant supply during the winter months – especially mandarins and oranges – and is filled with vitamin C to assist in keeping winter colds at bay.
  • Pumpkins, potatoes, carrots and onions – don’t forget these useful ingredients to include in hearty winter meals and soups.
  • Broccoli and cauliflower are in abundant supply and a staple side to roast dishes.
  • Fresh herbs are in full supply and make a delicious addition to a range of dishes. Try thyme with meat and poultry, or sage as a fragrant match to pork.

Visit the IGA Victoria website for more tips on buying produce in season.

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