A Collection of recipes from the Festival

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23 Nov Matt Preston's Calabrian Meatlovers Lasagne 2.0
23 Aug Black Pudding Scotched Egg
26 Feb Lavazza's Coffee Sorbet
26 Feb Lavazza's Espresso Martini
21 Feb Relish Mama's Poached Chicken
21 Feb Relish Mama's Vietnamese Chicken Salad
17 Jul Rockpool's Mac 'n' Cheese recipe
19 Jun Magda Martini
10 Jun French 75
16 Mar Ice-Cream in Crispy Pastry
09 Mar Deep-Fried Soft Shell Crab with Chilli, Black Pepper, Salt and Coriander Bpuu Nim Pad Prik Gluea
25 Feb The Perfect Healthy Burger
06 Feb Jacques Reymond's White Asparagus a L’Orange
30 Jan Coconut Mojito
30 Jan Three Ways with Prawns
30 Jan Zucchini, Feta & Mint Fritters
20 Dec Nasi Goreng
19 Dec Prawn, mango and pineapple salad with nuoc cham dressing
09 Dec Christine Manfield's Lemongrass Beef Salad
08 Dec Philippe Mouchel's Spring bay mussels 'mouclade Normandy style’
08 Dec Philippe Mouchel's Red Fruits and Lemon Mirliton Tart
08 Dec Rachel Allen's Passion Fruit and Orange Granita
07 Dec Atul Kochar's Goa Style Roast Poussin with Coconut Gravy and Lentil Salad
07 Dec Christine Manfield's Crab and Ginger Salad
07 Dec George Calombaris's Glyko Karpouzi — Watermelon Sweet)
07 Dec George Calombaris's Koupes — Cracked Wheat Pies
07 Dec Matt Abergel's Tsukune Served With Egg Yolk
07 Dec Neil Perry's Quick Vietnamese Chicken and Prawn Coleslaw
02 Dec Elena Arzak's Wooden Tuna
29 Nov Dan Hong's Vietnamese-Style Steak Tartare
18 Nov Antonio Carluccio's Pistachio Gelato
18 Nov Antonio Carluccio's Pumpkin Risotto
18 Nov Antonio Carluccio's Summer Cucumber and Tomato Soup
14 Nov Charlie Trotter's Chilled Clear Tomato Water
14 Nov David Chang's Spicy Korean BBQ Chicken
14 Nov Fergus Henderson's Chocolate Ice Cream
14 Nov Sean Brock's Shrimp and Grits and Crispy Pig Ear
08 Nov Ed Mitchell's 3 Bean BBQ Baked Beans
08 Nov Justin Gellatly's Doughnut Dough
08 Nov Nigella Lawson's Spaghetti with Marmite
08 Nov Pierre Koffmann's Stuffed Pig Trotters with Morels
08 Nov Rodolfo Guzman's Curanto and Rain Water from the Patagonia
13 Oct That's Amore's Spring Burrata Salad
21 Sep Peri Peri Chicken with Mystery Box Salad
12 Aug Raspberry Bliss Balls
11 Aug Muscat espresso martini
13 Jul Melbourne Rob Roy
19 May Chicken Bao - May Chow
19 May Egg Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Sardines
19 May Squid Bolognese - Pierre Koffmann
19 May The World's Simplest Bread - Matt Preston
11 May Cinnamon French Toast with poached quince
18 Feb Puttanesca-baked White Fish
15 Feb The Negroni
29 Jan Pork & Prawn Dumplings
25 Jan Nikkei Ceviche with Kale and Laver
21 Jan Salt Cod Fried Rice
23 Nov Glazed Leg Ham
12 Nov Alcoholic Spiders by Tuck Shop Take Away
07 Jul Stir-fried Scallops and Prawns
30 Jun Spicy drumsticks with Creole rice
23 Jun Mexican Bean Burritos
16 Jun Rhubarb & Pomegranate Crumble
09 Jun Buckwheat Soba Noodles with Shitake & Bok Choy
02 Jun Barramundi with roasted heirloom carrots and white bean puree
02 Apr Hot cross buns
01 Apr Beetroot tribute
01 Apr Doughnuts
01 Apr Goat merguez with lentils
01 Apr Lemongrass and green curry sausage with paella rice and crunchy veggies
01 Apr Mustard risotto with bitter truth
01 Apr Onion ring, snow crab and chive
01 Apr Pine bark flour madeleines with pine sugar
01 Apr Puffed cod sound and cod head pil pil
01 Apr Salted honeycomb
01 Apr Smoked eel, green papaya and coffee
01 Apr Wagyu, burrata, artichoke, tomato, seaweed
01 Apr Yardbird tskune served with egg yolk, tare sauce
17 Feb Celery, sweet potato and bean soup
10 Feb Roasted chicken, vegetable and risoni salad
03 Feb Warm pasta and lamb salad
27 Jan Zucchini slice
20 Jan Yellowfin tuna tartare, fresh wasabi, and pomegranate
13 Jan Pork souvlaki, wholemeal pita and apple slaw
18 Dec Oven-baked rösti with breakfast beans
15 Dec Raspberry and yoghurt bircher muesli
05 Dec Overnight no-cook fruity oats
28 Nov Zucchini and corn fritters
11 Nov Breakfast quinoa
26 Sep Salt and pepper squid
24 Sep Potato gnocchi with burnt butter and sage
03 Sep Orecchiette with Italian pork sausage and greens
17 Jun Truffle rice pudding
29 May Roast chicken with lemon and turmeric
26 Mar Albacore ceviche, almond milk, green almonds, chilli & coconut
26 Mar Alcalinity oyster
26 Mar Amberjack puttanesca
26 Mar Ayam panggang
26 Mar Bitter chocolate custard, pistachio-chocolate crunch, espresso bubbles
26 Mar Bougatsa (filo pastry parcels filled with custard) with roasted figs
26 Mar Buffalo yoghurt with rosehip and raspberries
26 Mar Citrus marinade confit of ora king salmon, artichoke essence, orange, basil
26 Mar Citrus-cured albacore tataki with rocket & pickled berries
26 Mar Clams, apple, sake & almond milk
26 Mar Cod acorn truffle celery
26 Mar Curanto and rainwater from the Patagonia
26 Mar Cured mackerel in agro dolce with celery and grapes
26 Mar Cured salmon with wild greens and pickled fennel
26 Mar Cuttlefish black & white
26 Mar Cuttlefish in ink sauce with fried polenta
26 Mar Dan Hong's King Prawn Wontons in Supreme Broth
26 Mar Ike jime fish culling (technique only)
26 Mar Italian-style liver pate
26 Mar Kakavia (fisherman’s stew)
26 Mar Kale, flavours of chorizo
26 Mar Kingfish tartar with preserved lemon and confit tomato
26 Mar Kueh bengkah
26 Mar Lamb in clay, black lime, pistachio
26 Mar Lobster calderetta
26 Mar Marron, prawn water and prawn crackers
26 Mar Mastic pudding, rosemary pearls, chocolate soil, blackberry sorbet
26 Mar New England style albacore fish chowder
26 Mar Pan fried scallops with confit mushroom
26 Mar Peumo
26 Mar Prawn toast with yuzu mayonnaise, coriander and mint
26 Mar Pure plankton rice with aioli tartar
26 Mar Red pepper bagna cauda
26 Mar Salad of snow crab, chrysanthemum leaves, nashi pear and ginger
26 Mar Sardines in a char of olive oil pips, submerged in tomato water and basil
26 Mar Seared sea scallops with native coastal greens
26 Mar Semur
26 Mar Smoked Australian Murray cod chips with mustard dressing
26 Mar Smoked mussel and oyster soup, seaweed and stout toast
26 Mar Smoked potato soup with fish and pasta
26 Mar Stuffed zucchini with avgolemono
26 Mar Sweet potato cake, cranberry foam, flax seed tuiles
26 Mar Tagliatelle of cuttlefish with nori seaweed and almond pesto
26 Mar Turkish tea smoked duck, black sea salad, hazelnuts, corn bread
26 Mar Un-smoked salmon with horseradish and leek
26 Mar Veal and milk
26 Mar Watermelon mosaics, blue cheese, strawberry moscato granité
16 Sep Zingy spring salad
18 Jul Baked apple in a pie
13 Jun Roast Pork Belly
27 Mar Guinea fowl wrapped in culatello and baked in clay
26 Mar All-Almond Florentines
26 Mar An old-fashioned pasta with vegetables from our garden
26 Mar Arapaima , chia seed, sacha inchi oil, Amazon fruit
26 Mar Arnold Schwarzwälder (The macaron gets terminated )
26 Mar Babas
26 Mar Bean tamal, charred red tomato sauce, salad and fresh cheese
26 Mar Black olive sesame bread
26 Mar Black Vinegar Dressing
26 Mar Burrata with white anchovies, pine nuts, currants and parsley
26 Mar Cassoulet with pork neck, hock, belly with duck confit
26 Mar Charred baby corn, chicatana and coffee mayonnaise
26 Mar Chicken Skins, Seeds, Berries & Leaves
26 Mar Composition of cox orange apples, lemon and passionfruit
26 Mar Eco dry potato, cacao Amazonia, red amaranth
26 Mar Fat Elvis (The day the cream-between got punched in the face by a rock legend)
26 Mar Fish Pie
26 Mar Individual Pear & Hazelnut Tarts
26 Mar Kingfish with cumin labna, walnuts and mint
26 Mar La Milpa - tomato and zucchini crudité, bean dip and chilli powder
26 Mar Maca root, cañihua, muña powder, aji amarillo tiger's milk
26 Mar Parsnips, Artichokes, Milk & Honey
26 Mar Pork belly with herbed farro, pickled elderberries, chanterelles and sumac
26 Mar Pork Chops Baked with Stout and Mustard
26 Mar Prawn - Red capsicum - Lardo di Colonnata
26 Mar Rice noodles, shredded chicken & sesame paste
26 Mar Roasted beetroot salad with leeks, freekeh, spiced walnuts , tahini & coriander
26 Mar Roasted catfish, cornbread puree, butter bean chow chow
26 Mar Salad Nicoise
26 Mar Salmon Confit
26 Mar Scallops and Sea Greens
26 Mar Seared scallops with cauliflower puree, shiitake mushrooms and veal jus
26 Mar Shaved cuttlefish, mussels, black pepper
26 Mar Shrimp and grits with preserved tomato , fennel, crispy pig ear
26 Mar Smoked Wagyu - Oyster - Greens
26 Mar Soft meringue, lychee sorbet and rose
26 Mar Spicy Beef with Harvest Vegetables
26 Mar Strawberry, Rose Geranium, and Rhubarb Crumble
26 Mar Sturgeon cooked in river sand
26 Mar Summer salad of zucchini, corn and smoked yoghurt
26 Mar Tomato water - Mackerel - Redcurrant
26 Mar Tomato, Ginger and Watermelon Salad with Black Vinegar Dressing
26 Mar Twice Cooked Suckling Pig with Spiced Blood Sauce
26 Mar Warm vegetables with chicken oysters, foie gras and sweetbreads
26 Mar Wigwam and a Gooseberry Trifle Gooseberry and Elderflower Gelée
23 Jan Pan fried John Dory
19 Sep Spring Leg of Lamb
03 Jun Slow roasted goat leg with white wine and potatoes
03 May Christine Manfield's curry fish salad
30 Mar Anchovy, peanuts, lily bulb, pickles
30 Mar Bitters - Gammel Dansk
30 Mar Blanc
30 Mar Braised tripe, young garlic, smoked wagyu brisket, pickled tomatillos, epazote
30 Mar Burnt kunzea cream, hyssop & sweet cicely pain d’epices, rosehip
30 Mar Caramel pear, vanilla cream, broken pastry, sultanas, almond, pear sorbet
30 Mar Caramelised pork loin, braised in merlot, sprinkled with black peppercorns
30 Mar Caramelised white chocolate, banana, coffee, avocado & passion fruit
30 Mar Chantilly of Coffin Bay oyster
30 Mar Charcoal
30 Mar Chicken liver & pea pilaf with seven spice mix
30 Mar Compote of wild hare
30 Mar Cooked leek with lamb’s brain & parsley
30 Mar Crab & ginger salad
30 Mar Crab ravioli, ginger, spinach & quinoa salad, peach bouillon
30 Mar Crayfish tails with hazelnut paste
30 Mar Dory marsala
30 Mar Eel & bone marrow, eggplant, pickled vegetables
30 Mar Gemelli dirty duck ragu
30 Mar Gentle braise of radishes, prawns, octopus and diamond shell clams
30 Mar Gin & tonic marshmallow
30 Mar Green almond & shungiku glazed blue mackerel and nasturtium
30 Mar Green gazpacho
30 Mar Grilled spring onions with romesco sauce
30 Mar Homemade black sesame shrimp toast
30 Mar Kimchee, oyster, pork belly
30 Mar La kiwître
30 Mar Lamb brain shakshuka
30 Mar Mango salad with chicken
30 Mar Milk fed veal sweetbreads
30 Mar Moilée
30 Mar Pan-seared chicken with water chestnuts and bold black truffle
30 Mar Pine nut glutinous rice cakes with black truffle & pine needle honey
30 Mar Poached egg yolk, mandarin & buttermilk
30 Mar Poached oysters served in a mussel sauce with dill oil, potatoes & tapioca
30 Mar Poached skate, parsley & mussels
30 Mar Potato & plums
30 Mar Rare breed pancetta, candied radish, rocket
30 Mar Rice paper rolls
30 Mar Roast breast & confit legs of pigeon with red leaves & vegetables
30 Mar Roasted pheasant, smoked bacon, chestnut, black truffle, croissant sauce
30 Mar Scallop tabasco
30 Mar Sea buckthorn & carrot
30 Mar Skyr mousse, celery sorbet, mint granita & herbal sugar
30 Mar Smoked & confit pig jowl, shiitake and shaved scallop
30 Mar South Island whitebait sandwich
30 Mar Tamarind prawns
30 Mar Tomato on toast, handmade sheep’s ricotta
30 Mar Veal tongue, anchovy & turnips
16 Feb Memories of the Barrier Reef
01 Jan Affogato
01 Jan Appetiser of Bread, Tomato and Basil
01 Jan Bacon dashi with peas, cucumber, leeks and daikon
01 Jan Baked Scallops
01 Jan Barramundi with black curry, snow peas and lemongrass
01 Jan BBQ Chicken Thighs on a Stick with Green Papaya Salad
01 Jan Beef in Betel Leaf
01 Jan Braised chianina, chianti, porcini and polenta
01 Jan Braised short rib with soy apple marinade, apples and pears
01 Jan Cappellacci with Piemont Hazelnuts and Red Wine Pears
01 Jan Carrot kibbeh with pinenuts and golden raisins
01 Jan Cauliflower gratin
01 Jan Chillipadi's Salmon Yee Sang Salad with kumquat plum sauce
01 Jan Chocolate and hazelnut spread on toast
01 Jan Chocolate Cream with Rapeseed Oil Jelly
01 Jan Clay-Roasted Chicken
01 Jan Clove and cardamom frozen pumpkin, tahini and candied nuts
01 Jan Coconut and Kaffir Lime Noodle Salad
01 Jan Coffee Butter Cream
01 Jan Croissants
01 Jan Curry and Lemongrass Cappuccino with Scampi Skewer
01 Jan Fernados Prawn Fritters
01 Jan Golden syrup dumplings
01 Jan Hallah Bulgogi
01 Jan Hare Ragu
01 Jan Harissa
01 Jan Hermindas Corn Empanada
01 Jan Hiramasa King Fish
01 Jan Ikan Panggang - grilled fish in banana leaf
01 Jan Jelly of Cucumber
01 Jan Karengo and harakeke hot smoked salmon
01 Jan Kedgeree
01 Jan King prawn, potato, passion fruit and sage
01 Jan Kingfish ceviche
01 Jan Lentil Salad
01 Jan Liquid coconut risotto with palm oil, mint and nori
01 Jan Lumpy Bumpy Roast Chicken
01 Jan Mackerel, olive, cucumber and yoghurt
01 Jan Mama Lucia’s Roast Rabbit
01 Jan Marinated Egg Yolk, Parmesan Fondue, Basil Seeds and Tomatoes
01 Jan Marinated Prawns
01 Jan Marinated Spit Roast Lamb
01 Jan Meli Melo of Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers
01 Jan Montgomery's 'Melting Moment'
01 Jan MoVida Piquillo Peppers
01 Jan Norway Lobster in Amaranth
01 Jan Pacific Oyster, Green Lip Abalone and Marine Essence
01 Jan Pan Con Chocolate
01 Jan Pan Seared Veal Fillet with Parsnip Puree and Veal Jus
01 Jan Penne Gorgonzola
01 Jan Poached Sea Trout
01 Jan Poached William's Pear
01 Jan Pork belly with lentils, apple and witlof
01 Jan Rabbit and Carrot
01 Jan Ragout of Snails and Liquorice
01 Jan Ravioli of Chicken Wings
01 Jan Risotto with Oil of Anchovies, Lemon and Cocoa
01 Jan Roast Pheasant with mushrooms and silverbeet
01 Jan Roast Salmon
01 Jan Roasted Tomato Sauce
01 Jan Root vegetable risotto without rice
01 Jan Saganaki Martini
01 Jan Salad of Grilled Scallops
01 Jan Saltimbocca of Ovens River Rainbow Trout
01 Jan Sautéed Scallops
01 Jan Scallops and Pork Belly
01 Jan Seared Scallops with Szechuan Sauce
01 Jan Shellfish yiouvesti
01 Jan Slow Poached Quail Egg
01 Jan Slow-cooked butternut pumpkin with parmesan and oregano
01 Jan Smoked Eel in 'Brandade' with Cucumber
01 Jan Smoked Eel in Pancetta with Beet Salad
01 Jan Smoked Kangaroo Pasta
01 Jan Snapper, Asparagus, Hazelnut and Lime
01 Jan Soft Chocolate Square
01 Jan Stracciatella with celery herb salad and celery leaf pesto
01 Jan Summer Potato Salad
01 Jan Teriyaki Glazed BBQ Mushrooms
01 Jan Terrine of John Dory and Smoked Eel
01 Jan Tropical Fruits with Licorice and Honeycomb
01 Jan Trout Agrodolce Salad
01 Jan Tsukune Skewers (Minced Chicken Ball)
01 Jan Tuna and Crab with Mirin, Puffed Rice and Mustard
01 Jan Verjuice Custard
01 Jan Warm Salad of Roasted Pheasant
01 Jan White Chocolate, Macadamia Butterscotch Tart
01 Jan Widow's Kisses
01 Jan Yellow Pumpkin Risotto