A Collection of recipes from the Festival

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26 Mar Amberjack puttanesca
26 Mar Ayam panggang
26 Mar Bitter chocolate custard, pistachio-chocolate crunch, espresso bubbles
26 Mar Bougatsa (filo pastry parcels filled with custard) with roasted figs
26 Mar Buffalo yoghurt with rosehip and raspberries
26 Mar Citrus marinade confit of ora king salmon, artichoke essence, orange, basil
26 Mar Citrus-cured albacore tataki with rocket & pickled berries
26 Mar Clams, apple, sake & almond milk
26 Mar Cod acorn truffle celery
26 Mar Curanto and rainwater from the Patagonia
26 Mar Cured mackerel in agro dolce with celery and grapes
26 Mar Cured salmon with wild greens and pickled fennel
26 Mar Cuttlefish black & white
26 Mar Cuttlefish in ink sauce with fried polenta
26 Mar Dan Hong's King Prawn Wontons in Supreme Broth
26 Mar Ike jime fish culling (technique only)
26 Mar Italian-style liver pate
26 Mar Kakavia (fisherman’s stew)
26 Mar Kale, flavours of chorizo
26 Mar Kingfish tartar with preserved lemon and confit tomato
26 Mar Kueh bengkah
26 Mar Lamb in clay, black lime, pistachio
26 Mar Lobster calderetta
26 Mar Marron, prawn water and prawn crackers
26 Mar Mastic pudding, rosemary pearls, chocolate soil, blackberry sorbet
26 Mar New England style albacore fish chowder
26 Mar Pan fried scallops with confit mushroom
26 Mar Peumo
26 Mar Prawn toast with yuzu mayonnaise, coriander and mint
26 Mar Pure plankton rice with aioli tartar
26 Mar Red pepper bagna cauda
26 Mar Salad of snow crab, chrysanthemum leaves, nashi pear and ginger