Partner With MFWF

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival draws on more than 30 years of knowledge and experience to manage and market Australia’s pre-eminent food and wine festival.

We are a much-loved Melbourne brand. We celebrate Melbourne and its rich, diverse and vibrant food and wine landscape. We have a highly engaged audience with mass, welcoming appeal. We are proudly parochial but also open to the world. We are interested in disruption but also celebrating the heritage of the Melbourne food and wine scene.

Building on this history, MFWF is an integral part of the future of food and wine in Australia, advocating for the food, beverage and hospitality industries and their future successes.

The team at MFWF is closely connected with the producers, restaurateurs and makers that make our state extraordinary. We collaborate with them year-round to bring people together for new and unforgettable experiences.

MFWF takes a tailored approach to every partnership, creating unique and innovative leverage opportunities to achieve your brand and business objectives.

MFWF connects your brand to an engaged audience in a meaningful and authentic way through the following opportunities:

  • Connect to a 50K strong engaged consumer subscriber database and social community of 244K
  • Engage consumers with retail, wholesale, sampling and product integration opportunities, and category exclusivity across highlight events
  • Drive preference and advocacy for your brand through quality programming, rich content platforms, at-event activation and trade initiatives
  • Access to global chef talent and local food heroes
  • Leverage of MFWF media partnerships and marketing campaigns. 
  • Reach the MFWF industry family of more than 4,000 hospitality business owners, organisations, employers and employees
  • Secure year-round support for your brand or promotional campaigns through MFWF’s owned content channels
  • Enjoy ticketing, hospitality packages, pre-sales and exclusive offers for your brand.

Elisa Dillon

Partnership Manager

Camilla Jones

Partnership Manager

Adrian Martin

Partnership Manager