Rishi Naleendra

The Australian chef taking Singapore by storm

A graduate of the famously tough kitchens of Tetsuya’s and Yellow in Sydney, Rishi Naleendra took Singapore by storm with the opening of Cheek by Jowl. Having won a Michelin star with the restaurant, Rishi has now stepped things up with the 2019 opening of Cloudstreet, with his friend and colleague Gareth Burnett. Pulling together his experience in Australia, his Sri Lankan heritage, his love of the wealth of produce available in Singapore and the X-factor that made Cheek by Jowl such a hit, Cloudstreet has already become one of the city’s most talked-about eateries and most sought-after bookings.

Appearing at:

Global Dining Series, Tuesday 24 March, Sunda

ShedX, Queen Victoria Market