Experience Kaiseki Menu and Tuna Auction

A slice of Japanese life, right here in Melbourne.

Escape to Japan for the night with a tuna auction and kaiseki menu from Melbourne's very own masters of the genre, Ishizuka. Kaiseki is a culinary art form steeped in Japanese history dating back 600 years, and is considered one of the world's finest food experiences.

The night begins with a demonstration of how prized tuna is broken down into different cuts. Expert Ishi-san will prepare cuts from a whole yellowfin tuna, explaining the different colours and textures of each.

Guests then enjoy an eight-course kaiseki menu, featuring select cuts of tuna, with matched sake and wine, before having the chance to participate in a tuna auction inspired by those of Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market. If you're game, you can take part and bid on prize cuts such as tuna belly, then take home your winnings.

Tickets are extremely limited.

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DateFri 20 Mar
Time5:45 PM – 10:00 PM
Price $425 – $475
(03) 8594 0895