Friends of Gippsland: Farmer's Daughters x Hogget Kitchen

Bringing Gippsland's Hogget Kitchen to Farmer's Daughters in the heart of Melbourne

Head to Farmer’s Daughters, the unofficial embassy of Gippsland in the Melbourne CBD for a long lunch featuring Gippsland's best produce.

At Hogget Kitchen, chef Trevor Perkins champions all-local produce and nose-to-tail cooking, and for this very special event he joins Farmer's Daughters executive chef Alejandro Saravia to bring the stories of Gippsland to your plate in a winter-inspired menu.

Born and bred in Gippsland, Trevor’ has roots running deep in the local community. He is known to farmers for his regular visits to their properties and understands firsthand how generous the area’s rich volcanic soil can be.

He works with whole carcasses to celebrate every part of the animal. Everything is done in-house to minimise waste and maximise flavour; from the pickling and bottling to butchery, charcuterie, smoking and brining.

Local and seasonal food is central to the menu and to the experience. This approach allows Hogget to support many local growers and develop relationships with food producers, making it a natural fit with Farmer’s Daughter’s mission to likewise celebrate Gippsland and its bounty.

The ticket price includes a five-course long-lunch with matching drinks.


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