New Year Street Feasts FAQs

Last updated 19 November 2021.

These FAQs are for the New Year Street Feasts program, presented in partnership with City of Melbourne.

About New Year Street Feasts

How does New Year Street Feasts work?

New Year Street Feasts is a program of bookable dining experiences taking place in the City of Melbourne on New Year’s Eve. More than 30 venues are taking part across seven precincts. Most of the program is staged outside in designated seating areas that have been weatherproofed. Restaurants are also offering some bookings inside, as well. Walk-ins aren’t available for New Year Street Feasts; please book in advance to make sure you get a seat. Tickets are on sale now

What is the best way to travel in and out of the city on New Year’s Eve?

Public transport will be running to a standard Friday timetable across New Year’s Eve, with additional services between midnight and 2am. Plan ahead via the PTV journey planner. If you plan on driving into the city, book into one of the many commercial car parks across the City of Melbourne to ensure a hassle-free night. 

Will there be road closures across the city? 

There will be a number of road closures across the city on New Year’s Eve. Information on the exact locations of closures will be available on the City of Melbourne’s New Year’s Eve website in early December. 

What safety restrictions will be in place?

All hospitality venues must have a COVIDSafe Plan in place. The plan covers things such as social distancing rules, cleaning, hand hygiene, rules around face masks, record-keeping and generally keeping staff and customers safe. More information is available on the Victorian Government website.

Please carry a mask with you and abide by the regulations around mask wearing at the time of the event. Patrons are encouraged to use hand sanitiser wherever it’s offered.

You will be asked to check in at the venue using the Service Victoria app. Everyone at the table must be checked in and fully vaccinated in accordance with Government guidelines.

I’ve booked a New Year Street Feasts ticket but can no longer attend. What should I do?

Please refer to the Ticketing terms and conditions for the refund policy.

I need to amend the details of my New Year Street Feasts booking. How can I do this?

Contact as soon as possible. We expect tables to fill up quickly so we may not be able to accommodate extra guests on your booking. MFWF and the venues will try our best to accommodate additions where possible. 

What happens if it rains and I have a booking outside?

Most of the New Year Street Feasts program is being staged outdoors and will go ahead unless it’s considered unsafe to do so. City of Melbourne is providing coverage for each precinct, such as large umbrellas and temporary awning structures, to allow outdoor dining to proceed if there are showers and to provide shade. Extreme or adverse weather conditions could affect particular sittings or precincts and this will be monitored in the lead-up to the event. Please refer to the Ticketing terms and conditions for the full weather conditions policy.

I’ve seen the weather forecast and I’d like to cancel my booking. Can I get a refund?

It’s our intention to stage the New Year Street Feasts program regardless of weather conditions, unless it’s considered unsafe to do so. Tickets are non-refundable; please refer to the Ticketing terms and conditions for details of this policy.

Can I request a table inside (or vice versa)?

Please read the event details for each restaurant carefully: some restaurants will have bookings available for both indoors and outdoors – take care when you’re choosing your ticket type to ensure you’re booking the kind of seating you’d prefer.

Can I book more than one venue on New Year’s Eve?

Absolutely. You’re more than welcome to book multiple venues on New Year’s Eve. Bear in mind that most reservations have a time limit and venues appreciate your prompt arrival and departure so they can seat other guests. Be sure to factor in time to travel between venues if you’re making multiple bookings on the same night.

My reservation has a time limit. What if I want to stay out for longer? 

Most reservations, especially early sittings, are given a time window to allow venues to serve more diners. Time windows are clearly stated by each venue before you book your tickets and included in confirmation of your reservation. If you want to stay out longer, you can book one of the casual drink and snack tickets on offer in the program. 

Can I use an MFWF Gift Voucher for the New Year Street Feasts program?

Yes, about 80 per cent of the New Year Street Feasts program is ticketed by MFWF. Unfortunately you cannot redeem a gift card for an event that does not use our online ticketing system. View a full list of events that take the gift cards here.

Can my restaurant be part of the Street Feasts program? Why wasn’t I asked to be part of the program?

Street Feast is a partnership between Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and City of Melbourne, and the program’s precincts have been chosen on the basis of access requirements, available space and where road closures can be implemented.

All venues planning a special dining experience on New Year’s Eve are encouraged to create a listing on the City of Melbourne What’s On Page. In the lead up to the night these listings will be promoted across the City of Melbourne social channels and blogs.

While we can’t include all venues in New Year Street Feast we recommend businesses review the outdoor dining program that will continue to support the hospitality industry into 2022.