Salty Jime's Fish and Chips

Iki-jime transforms into a classic fish and chippery for the day.

For one day only, Iki-jime will become Salty Jime, a nod to Australian summers spent by the beach eating fish and chips. Coming from the kitchen of one of Melbourne’s best seafood restaurants, these fish and chips are a cut-above. With a keen focus on sustainability, all seafood on the Salty Jime menu is ethically sourced from award-winning suppliers.

Get your Friday fish and chip fix at what might be the best spot in town.


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The menu is suitable for children.

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For all event enquiries, please call: (03) 9691 3838

Walk-ins Only
This event is not ticketed by MFWF.
Other terms and conditions may apply.
DateFri 27 Mar
Time11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Price $20
VenueIki-jime, Seafood by Vue, Melbourne
  • Gift card not redeemable
  • Kid friendly event
  • Dietary requirements not available
(03) 9691 3838