Sunday Smokehouse

Firing up the smoker to celebrate local producers Tex-Mex style

Meatsmith is firing up the smoker and teaming up with Chris Watson, former chef Luxembourg and Cutler & Co, and now proprietor of Wat-son the BBQ to bring you a mouthwatering menu inspired by travels through America’s southern states.

Expect a selection of Tex Mex-inspired dishes hot off the barbecue, with ice-cold tinnies to match from local legends and brewers Sailors Grave. There'll be juicy pork sandwiches ($15), a souped-up hot link ($11) and an indulgent apple pie ($7) for one day only.

This event is on Sunday 29th August 11:30am - 3pm, all dishes are served to takeaway, limited standing room only.

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Items available until sold out - get in quick!

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For all event enquiries, please call: (03) 9419 8558

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  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Dietary requirements not available
(03) 9419 8558