Take the Cake

Presented by Queen.

Over 40 years and a staggering 500,000 copies, the cakes in the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book have shaped our collective memory, etching buttercream images of trains, ballerinas, tip-trucks and jelly-napped swimming pools as emblems of childhood. In response to the Melbourne Design Week 2020 theme, “How can design shape life?”, this collaborative exhibition developed by Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and the NGV showcases the designs made famous by this best-selling cultural touchstone.

From the traditional to the avant-garde, “for boys” and “for girls”, these designs have formed the sugary heart and lolly-trimmed centrepieces of birthday celebrations across the nation, permeating Australian society. This exhibition showcases the cakes made up in all their iced glory, revealing the depth to which these designs form part of Australia’s visual culture.

Everyone has a favourite - what’s yours?


Free Event
This is a free event and does not
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DateWed 18 – Wed 25 Mar
Time9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Price Free
VenueThe Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia, Melbourne
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