Urban Hangi

An inner-city take on a Maori tradition.

The hāngi, a traditional method of slow-cooking food using heated rocks buried in an earth pit, is a key part of Māori culture. But what do you do when you’re hundreds of kilometres away from a place to dig a pit for a hāngi? You get creative.

Led by chef Tony Moss, the team at O'Connell's Hotel in South Melbourne will create an urban hāngi – in a skip.

Experience the ritual of a hāngi in the middle of the concrete jungle, as O'Connell's shows that community can be created anywhere if you think outside the square.

Further Information

Disabled Accessibility

All single level and no steps.

Wet Weather Contingency

The event will move inside the venue in the case of wet weather.

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Shared Tables

Event Enquiries

For all event enquiries, please call: (03) 9810 0086

DateSat 28 Mar
Time6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Price $103
  • Gift card redeemable
  • Vegetarian friendly event
  • Gluten free friendly event
  • Nut allergy friendly event
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Dairy free friendly event
(03) 9810 0086