Vue de monde x Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Synaesthesia is a coming together of two of Melbourne’s cultural powerhouses, Vue de monde and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to present a completely immersive evening of food and music pairing that goes beyond the senses of taste, smell and sound.

“Imagine if you could taste colours. Or see flavours. What if the sounds you heard stimulated your taste buds, so the mere mention of a chef’s name filled your mouth with the citrussy tang of oranges? Or something worse. Welcome to the wonderfully befuddled world of synaesthesia, a neurological condition affecting four percent of the world’s population, in which a cross-wiring of the senses can give words, letters or numbers distinct flavours, colours, sounds or even personalities.”
– James Brennan, ‘What’s the Taste of Colour’

Journeying through four themed spaces atop the Rialto Tower, guests will experience a thoughtfully curated multi-course pairing of food, drink and sound designed to invoke colour, that in turn reminds us of a mood, that magically becomes music.

Live music performed by ensembles of musicians from the MSO will enhance the unique mood of each themed space. A repertoire of classical masterpieces and contemporary works will serve to complement your senses, taking you on an emotive journey.

This is a truly unique experience to delight, provoke thought and realise emotion in ways sometimes forgotten.

Due to the nature of this event, atmospheric and strobe lighting may be used. Guests with low vision or light sensitivity may experience adverse effects and are encouraged to speak to our team prior to purchasing tickets.

This event has been carefully curated to be a full sensory experience encapsulating taste, sound and colour. As such, we are not able to make menu substitutions as this will compromise the integrity of the experience.


For online purchases via, a credit card fee of up to 1.98% and booking fee of up to $4.00 per transaction may be applied. Purchases through other sites may incur different booking fees.

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Price $750
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Dietary requirements not available
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