How I Melbourne: Tayla Harris

Published on 18 February 2020

Photo: Courtesy of Carlton Media

Tayla Harris is a professional boxer and a Carlton Football Club forward. Born in Brisbane, she moved to Melbourne to join the club in 2017. Harris is one of the AFLW’s star players, was featured in a 2018 Nike campaign (alongside Serena Williams and Matildas striker Sam Kerr), and made global headlines kicking a goal in a 2019 match against the Western Bulldogs in a photograph that has quickly come to be considered a landmark in Australian Rules Football.

My defining food moment in Melbourne was dinner at a pizza restaurant in Hawthorn called Santoni – I got the caramelised onion pizza.

The best new thing I’ve found is coffee! I grew up in Brisbane and refused to admit I’d give in to coffee.  Now I’m a soy latte-ordering Brunswick resident. Melbourne changed me. 

When I want to push the boat out on a meal, I go to Nobu and order the ribs and wagyu beef tacos, maybe some sashimi just to go all out. Or, to put myself to bed for the rest of the day in a food coma, I’ll order a tower [“eggs your way on sourdough, beef rashers, sujuk, hashbrown, smash avocado, olives, feta, tomato, grilled haloumi, hummus, wilted spinach, garlic mushrooms, served with Nutella pancakes, maple, strawberries and Cornetto ice-cream”] and a Nutella milkshake at Northern Perk in Brunswick. 

There’s no better value in Melbourne than the vegetable tart at my local cafe, Sugardough. I usually get two and save one for later. 

And when I want to dazzle friends from out of town, I like to  take them to Arbory Bar, on the river.

In the mornings you’ll find me at St Rose cafe in Essendon. Hi Mich [waves].

If you looked in my fridge, you’ll find heaps of eggs. Addicted to scrambling at the moment. 

My local is Sugardough, because it’s a family-run friendly cafe with good home-made food.

If I could change one thing about eating and drinking here it would be more sushi trains.

But the one thing I hope never changes in Melbourne is  the atmosphere. I love going out for food in Melbourne! 

Follow Tayla’s adventures on the field, in the ring and at the table on Instagram at @tayla_harris, on Facebook @TaylaHarrisAFL, and on Twitter at @taylaharriss.


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