Introducing Moon Crullers, the sweet new brand from the Lune team

Published on 12 May 2021

Photo: Could this be a Moon cruller? (Credit: @ms.lune)

Hold onto your space helmets, Lune fans: Moon is coming.

Kate and Cameron Reid are set to unveil the details of their new pastry treat any day now. If what the siblings achieved applying aeronautic-engineering smarts to croissants is any guide, the focus of their new business, the cruller, is about to get its game changed.

What’s a cruller? Think of it as a fancy cousin to the doughnut. More popular in North America than on this side of the Pacific, it’s essentially fried dough with a distinctive twisted or braided shape (“krullen” means “to curl” in Dutch). French crullers, which are made with choux pastry, are notably lighter than the Dutch and German examples. While the European pastries are almost always sweet, glazed with syrup and/or icing, the word cruller is also sometimes used to describe youtiao, the savoury fried sticks of dough often served with congee in Cantonese restaurants.

Crullers aren’t entirely unknown in Australia, of course. If you’d like to bone up on the genre ahead of Moon’s landing, there are some fine local examples to study. An airy honey and sea salt cruller is one of the staples at Short Stop Doughnuts, while The Oakleigh Doughnut Co offers a choux pastry doughnut soaked in honey syrup called the Doughloumba, describing it as a reinvention of the classic touloumba recipe (“a popular sweet served in Europe and the Middle East”).

The Reids are playing their cards very close to their chests. They’re not planning to release the precise details of the where-what-when of Moon till the day before the new concept throws open the doors. But the arrival of a Moon Cruller Instagram account tipped their hand, as did a post of the picture you see here to Kate Reid’s personal Instagram account, captioned “Current Kate obsession. Coming soon”, and a little basic Googling reveals a business called Moon Cruller registered to the same company as Lune Croissant, listing 50 Rose Street, Fitzroy as its address.

Will the Moon landing draw the crazy crowds that have become synonymous with the cult of Lune? We can say one thing for sure: we’ll be there.

By Pat Nourse


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