The new campaign urging hospitality to take the lead on vaccinations

Published on 20 August 2021

Photo: Icebergs' Maurice Terzini features in the campaign (photo: Ben Shirley)

Australian hospitality figures front a new campaign with a clear message: “we need your help, please get vaccinated”.

Shannon Martinez, Victor Liong, Adam D’Sylva and Ian Curley are among the leading Victorian chefs lending their voices to an Australia-wide grassroots campaign encouraging everyone across hospitality to take the lead and roll up their sleeves to get vaccinated.

The campaign, which runs across print and digital ads and a 60-second film, implores anyone who works in restaurants, loves restaurants, or has anything to do with restaurants to “put a jab on the menu” and get vaccinated to give hospitality its best chance of survival.

Shannon Martinez of Fitzroy’s Smith & Daughters is one of the industry stalwarts who donated her time to feature in the film and sums up why the cause is so important for her and her colleagues. “We’ve tried everything. From pop-ups to customer polls, banquet boxes to delivery, it’s just not enough,” she says. “We need a better solution. One that keeps my staff and customers safe.”

Melbourne’s hospitality community has been hardest hit in Australia to date by COVID-19. The City of Melbourne estimates its hospitality venues lost nearly two billion dollars in revenue to pandemic-related lockdowns and restrictions.

Victor Liong, of Melbourne CBD’s Lee Ho Fook is typical of the group’s supporters in his take: “I just want everyone to get out of lockdown and to be able to operate again.”

By Jonathan Sasson

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