The Pitch: Alg Seaweed

Published on 23 July 2021

Photo: Sarah Leung says you can put Alg Seaweed on anything (photo: Sarah Leung)

A new seaweed product that's more than just sushi.

Sarah Leung firmly believes you can add seaweed to everything. As the resident dietitian at the National Theatre Ballet School in Melbourne, Leung saw first-hand how small tweaks to your diet provide results. It was during her tenure as a practicing dietitian that she developed what is now Alg Seaweed, a range of products aimed at targeting iodine deficiency and increasing B12 and magnesium intake. Leung has been a long-time seaweed fanatic and hopes to shed some light on the many uses for what she believes is an underappreciated ingredient in modern kitchens.

Give us the elevator pitch, what's Alg Seaweed all about?

I love that Alg Seaweed taps an underrated resource from the sea and that we are teaching people how to use it in their everyday diet. You can sprinkle any of our condiments into a meal and add iodine and other minerals, but also flavour.

What about this project excites you?

It feels like I learn something new about seaweed every day. There is a lot of early stage medical research showing seaweed has powerful antiviral properties, immunity strengthening properties, gut health properties and much more. I think that just shows how little we know about seaweed and its potential. Above all, seaweed is so delicious. I am working my dream job creating delicious foods every day. 

I am starting to see people’s perception change and becoming more aware that seaweed is not just for sushi. It feels like great timing for Alg Seaweed and I hope to continue to educate people in the benefits of using seaweed. 

Explain like we’re five: what makes what you do special?

Alg Seaweed is all about offering easy, healthy and delicious snacks. It also adds flavour to everyday meals and is made from high-quality and sustainably-harvested seaweed. It has great nutritional value, containing iron, iodine, vitamin B12 and magnesium, and is entirely plant-based. 

What are the perfect conditions to enjoy your work?

You can easily incorporate our products into every meal of the day. For example, the Japanese-inspired Rainbow Seaweed Seasoning is great on rice, salad and grilled meat, fish or tofu. The Rainbow Seaweed Flakes (100 per cent seaweed with no added salt) adds the depth of umami in pasta, bread, noodles or as a crumb for any protein before frying. If you are more adventurous, you can add our Wakame Flakes into chocolate dishes for a sweet and salty flavour balance.

People are also putting our nut-free, seedy seaweed snacks into their lunchbox or gym bag to snack on at any time.

Are you here for a long time or a good time?

We’re not going away any time soon. Seaweed is not a fad and the industry is going to keep growing. We hope to stay and create different seaweed products using different seaweed to make this food mainstream. Our dream is to have a seaweed farm one day and start growing our own Australian seaweed.

Where can I get some?

You can buy our products in retail outlets around Australia and the list of retailers is growing every day.

Alg Seaweed, from $4.95, 

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