The Pitch: Yarra Valley Gin

Published on 8 October 2021

Photo: Thinking global, drinking local with Yarra Valley Gin

Yarra winemakers explore the flavours of the valley in a brand new gin.

The Yarra Valley Gin Company is a collaboration between the D'Anna family, whose credentials include Boccaccio Cellars and Hoddles Creek Estate, Mount Mary winemaker Sam Middleton, and footballer-turned-winemaker Jordan Lewis. The friendship between Anthony and Franco D’Anna, Lewis and Middleton was born from a love of wine and the joy of sharing great bottles together. During these times a mutual admiration for gin was discovered.  What began as a pipe dream slowly but surely became a reality through the creation of the Yarra Valley Gin Company.

Here co-founder Anthony d’Anna shares the inside word on its creation (and consumption).

Who are you and what are you all about?
The Yarra Valley Gin Company is a partnership between four good mates: Sam Middleton, Jordan Lewis, my brother Franco and me. We all love drinking gin. When we are in the Yarra working on our wine label, DML VIN, we always finish the day and start dinner proceedings with a G&T. I think gin and wine have a lot in common. There’s so many different influences that give gin a unique character, just like the differences that the grapes you grow, the oak you use and how you actually make a wine all has a massive influence in how it tastes in the glass. Gin has always fascinated us, and over a heap of meals together we decided we would throw our hat into the ring and make a gin that is all about what we love about the Yarra..

Give us the elevator pitch, what is Yarra Valley Gin Company?
The Yarra Valley Gin Company is our take on making gin in the Yarra Valley using and trialling a mix of botanicals grown on our properties and then distilled using natural spring water from the Valley.

Explain like we’re five, how do you make it?
We spent 18 months researching and discussing what we love the most about our favourite gins and then set about trialling a number of different botanicals, most grown on our Yarra Valley properties, many a short stomp from the distillery. Think pine grown here in the Yarra, home-grown lemons and water sourced from a local spring. 

What does this actually mean in the glass? Freshness. Lifted aromatics are what get you initially: zesty lemon explodes and lingers on the palate, slowly revealing subtle floral and earthy nuances, underpinned by the notes from the pine. The pine complements the juniper, and just a hint of spice rounds it all off. (Wine people can’t resist a tasting note.)

What are the perfect conditions to enjoy Yarra Valley Gin?
A handful of ice and splash of top-end tonic (we’re loving StrangeLove’s No. 8 Indian tonic) is all you need for G&T perfection.  Tune on the stereo on to some classic REM (I’m thinking “Everybody Hurts”), sit down in your favourite chair and enjoy our YVG Company classic dry gin.

Is it here for a good time or a long time?
To be here for a long time, you need to have a good time. Both in spades.

Where can we buy it?
Boccaccio Cellars, The Local Drop, The Wine Thief and direct from our website, with more stockists coming.

Yarra Valley Gin Company, 700ml $79.95,

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