WANT: Monforte’s leatherwood and sea salt croissant

Published on 2 November 2020

Photo: by Max Orchard Fox

Our social media food obsessions of the moment.

They say: Eternal favourite: leatherwood honey and sea salt. All of my pastries are three days from start to finish. Wednesday afternoons I roll sheets of butter and mix the dough for Friday’s pastries, leaving it to cold ferment overnight. I spend the day on Thursdays laminating and shaping the pastries, traying them up for an ambient proof overnight, and mixing the dough for Saturday’s offering. On Friday morning the Viennoiserie is baked and finished, ready for you all; once I close for the day, I start the lamination process over again for Saturday. Everything is made in the shop, by hand, by me, and I’m endlessly grateful for all the community support - @monforteviennoiserie

We say: There’s a great new croissant in town and if you haven’t tried it, you should move fast. Sold out of a tiny shopfront on a side-street in Carlton North two mornings a week, the pastries at Monforte are usually snapped up well before noon. Monforte is the work of Giorgia McAllister-Forte, a former All Are Welcome baker who has started her own project making Viennoiserie using cultured butter from the Bellarine Peninsula, Bird Snake chocolate made in Melbourne and seasonal ingredients such as asparagus and spring garlic. The leatherwood honey and sea salt croissant is a mainstay of the menu for good reason, but don’t stop there: savoury tarts, cheese-topped croissants and outstanding biscotti await.

Monforte Viennoiserie, 585a Canning St [enter via Pigdon St], Carlton North, Fri-Sat 8.30am-12.30pm or until sold out. monforteviennoiserie.com

By Emma Breheny

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