What to order at Yaki Tori Bar

Published on 5 August 2021

Photo: An assortment of grilled meats at Yaki Tori Bar

It’s time to fire up the binchotan.

Motomu Kumano, chef and owner of respected South Melbourne sushi bar Komeyui, is going casual with a new Japanese bar and eatery in Port Melbourne. There’s a clue in the name about what Yaki Tori Bar stands for (hint: it's grilled chicken), but there's more to try than just the flame-grilled sewers. Don't disregard Kumano's signature ramen either – the specialty of this casual diner.

Which of the dishes on the menu best captures the spirit of Yaki Tori Bar?
The rich chicken ramen along with a side of chicken-oyster skewers. We pride ourselves on our signature chicken broth which is warm, filling and satisfying. It’s delightful when served with Magic Chilli, our secret blend of spices.

How about a drink?
Try the Ippin Yuzu Soda – a refreshing, Japanese cocktail made with yuzu sake.

Got anything light and fresh?
Grab an assortment of yakitori - skewers of traditional cuts of chicken cooked on the binchotan. This traditional grill produces a tender, juicy bite with that inimitable charcoal flavour. Yakitori also goes great with a serve of sashimi, downed with Sapporo.

I like tasty food but I don’t eat animals.
There are no vegetarian options.

What are your seafood options?
Check out our Hokkaido-style seafood hotpot with miso-flavoured chicken broth. It’s only available during winter and worth a try.

Let’s go big. Let’s go crazy. What have you got for me?
Go for our omakase: a multi-course chef’s selection that showcases the freshest produce available on the day. It’s an excellent way to experience the very best that Yaki Tori Bar has to offer.

What about to close?
In the tradition of Japanese simplicity, we recommend our signature Mr Lemon dessert to finish. 

Yakitori Bar, 396 Bay St, Port Melbourne, ytbau.com

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