Bitters - Gammel Dansk

Photo: Bitters - Gammel Dansk (Image: Armelle Habib)

Serves 4


Bitter base
300g glucose syrup
200g Gammel Dansk (Danish bitters)
100g dried blueberries

Ice cream base
1170g whole milk
404g cream
150g dextrose
20g trimoline
50g sugar
10g salt
80g milk powder
15g ice cream stabiliser

Crispy milk
250g skim milk
0.625g xanthan gum
1.5g iota
100g sugar
25g milk powder
0.5g salt

Milk crumbs
100g milk powder
75g tipo 00 flour
75g sugar
75g melted butter
40g cornflour
5g salt

To serve
2 handfuls wood sorrel, picked and washed
"Gammel dansk" bitter in a spray bottle
Balsamic apple vinegar in a spray bottle


Bitter base
Cook the glucose and Gammel Dansk to 35 Baumé, using a sugar thermometer.
Pour this syrup over the dried blueberries and let it infuse for 5 minutes.
Strain the liquid and discard the blueberries or use them for something else.
Cool the liquid down.

Ice cream base
Cook the milk with the cream, dextrose, trimoline, sugar and salt.
Mix the milk powder and stabiliser and pour over the milk mix while continuously stirring.
Blend the ice cream base and strain.
Half fill a Pacojet cannister and freeze.
When frozen, add 150g of the bitter base on top of the block of frozen ice cream base and spin on the Pacojet.

Crispy milk
Bring skim milk close to a boil.
When it begins to steam pour into a Thermomix and turn on high speed.
Add the xanthan gum and iota and blitz for a good minute on high until gums are fully hydrated.
Blitz in sugar and milk powder and finally salt.

Transfer to a stand mixer, and with a whisk attachment, whip on high speed until mixture is cool and voluminous.

With an offset spatula spread mixture on a silicon mat and dehydrate until crispy for approximately 12 hours at 65°C.

Keep in dehydrator until ready for serving, and store in an airtight container with silica gel to prevent them going soft.

Milk crumbs
Combine all ingredients by hand to a crumble and bake at 160°C until top begins to turn golden brown. This should take approx. 12 minutes.

Cool down and keep in a container.

To serve
Have 4 very cold bowls ready. Scoop a round ball of the Gammel Dansk bitter ice cream onto a generous amount of milk crumbs and give three sprays of Gammel Dansk bitter and one spray of balsamic apple vinegar.

Cover with milk crisp and add wood sorrel.

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