Magda Martini

An Eau De Vie twist on the classic martini - this version is inspired by 007 himself.


  • 45ml Star of Bombay
  • 10ml Grey Goose
  • 20ml Earl Grey Infused Lillet Blanc 
  • 3 Drops Black Pepper Bitters
  • 3 green olives stuffed with parmigiano on a skewer
  • Lemon Oil 


1. 48 hours ahead, prepare lemon oil: Soak 100grams of lemon skin in 100ml of water for a minimum of 48hours. Strain the skin off and put the lemon scented water into a spritz bottle.

2. Two hours ahead, prepare the Earl Grey Lillet Blanc: Take 7grams of French Earl Grey and 4grams of regular Earl Grey and place in a pot with 370ml of Lillet Blanc. Heat to 60 degrees Celsius for 6min and then strain tea from the liquid. Chill.

3. Chill a martini glass in the freezer.

4. Mix the Star of Bombay, Grey Goose, Earl Grey infused Lillet Blanc and Black Pepper Bitters into a mixing glass and stir with loads of ice

5. Spritz the chilled martini glass with Lemon Oil

6. Strain liquid into the martini glass

7. Garnish with Parmigiano Stuffed Olives

Eau De Vie are bringing back the ceremonial ritual of the martini service with an exclusively-designed martini trolley, serving reimagined martinis from iconic hotel bars straight to your table.