Potato & plums

Photo: Potato & plums (Image: Armelle Habib)

Serves 4


Potato stock
5 big baking potatoes
water to cover

Bintje potatoes
400g bintje potatoes, peeled

Potato mash
60g egg yolks
60g milk
130g reduced potato stock
25g sugar
20g invert sugar
400g cooked bintje potatoes
170g butter
salt to taste

Plum stone foam
60g peeled plum stones (These are the seeds of the plums that are cracked open with a hammer. Inside you will find the plum kernel. The kernel has a thin skin that should be peeled before using.)
80g sugar
200g milk
800g cream

2kg plums

Prune compote
120g pure prune flesh (from prune recipe)
80g plum aquavit
30g brown sugar

Plum juice
500g frozen plums

Plum reduction
500g plum juice (from recipe above)

Plum sauce
70g plum juice (from recipe above)
85g water
35g plum reduction (from recipe above)


Potato stock
Wash the potatoes and cut into smaller pieces.
Put into a pot, cover with water and simmer for 1 hour.
Strain, discard potatoes, reduce down liquid and season with salt.

Bintje potatoes
Cut the potatoes into equal size pieces and seal in a vacuum bag.

Set the water bath on 72°C and cook the potatoes in the water for 45 minutes. Remove from bath and cool down bag in ice water. This cuts down the starch and the mash will not be sticky.

Cook the bag with pre-cooked bintje potatoes in boiling water until tender.

When cooked put the potatoes through a potato ricer to ensure equal size. Then place in a plastic container and keep until needed.

Potato mash
Heat egg yolks, milk, potato stock, sugar and invert sugar without boiling.
Add the riced potato and butter and stir together over heat.
Pass through a fine sieve and season with salt.

Spread the mash onto a silicon mat with a spatula to thickness of 2mm.

Freeze in deep freezer. When frozen, cut into thin long strips and keep in a container in a box in the freezer until required.

Plum stone foam
Blend the peeled plum stones with the sugar and milk until smooth.
Pour into a vacuum bag and add the cream.
Seal and let it infuse overnight.

The next day strain and reserve liquid. The stones can be kept and reused.

Fill a siphon canister with the liquid and charge with 1 gas. Shake well and set aside in the fridge.

Wash the plums and dry off. Put in the oven and dehydrate at 60°C until they look like prunes.
This will take about 10–12 hours.

Prune compote
Cook the flesh with aquavit and add the brown sugar when the alcohol has boiled off.
Cool down. Make sure that there are bits of prunes in the compote to give texture.

Plum juice
Hang the frozen plums in muslin and drain the juice off.

Plum reduction
Cook the juice down to syrup.

Plum sauce
Mix all together and keep cold.

To serve
Measure 15g of the plum compote and spread on a plate so that it isn't completely flat.

Carefully, but quickly, place the batons on top of the compote so that they are vertical but not completely straight. Place the juice in between the gaps of the potato puree batons. Finish with a generous dollop of the plum stone foam off to the side.

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