Rosio Sanchez's octopus tostadas

Photo: Octopus tostada (Jason Loucas)

For the 2019 Festival, Rosio Sanchez took time out from her string of successful restaurants in Copenhagen to bring Melbourne a taste of the Mexican food that has earned her huge acclaim. After doing time at Noma and WD-50, Sanchez is now melding her fine-dining training with her passion for the food of her heritage. Straight from the menu at her cantina Sanchez, these octopus tostadas were one of many dishes chef Sanchez demonstrated at Masterclass supported by Sanpellegrino during the 2019 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival.

Makes 8

Start this recipe a day ahead to soak the chillies.


Chilli paste
50g dried guajillo chillies
50g dried ancho chillies
5g dried morita chillies
5g dried oregano
25g garlic
20g black pepper
50g apple vinegar
75g salt
3g dried bay leaves
120g achiote
50g canola oil

10g fine salt
2 oranges, sliced
75g white onion, chopped
15g peeled garlic, chopped
1g clove
1g bay leaf
1g black peppercorns
1kg octopus, cleaned

Soy-cured egg yolks
15 eggs
500g shoyu soya sauce

Creamy habanero
1.4kg white onion
400g apple cider vinegar
50g garlic
260g yellow habanero
400g carrot juice
15g fine salt

Cured egg yolk salsa
150g soy-cured egg yolks
150g creamy habanero
200g lime juice
50g shoyu soya sauce

To serve
1 litre corn oil
8 tortillas
Thinly sliced avocados, to serve


1. For the chilli paste, soak the chillies in room-temperature water overnight to rehydrate. Drain and blend with the remaining paste ingredients and 200g water until smooth.

2. For the octopus, bring 5 litres of water to the boil with all the ingredients except the octopus, then add the octopus and cook until tender (about 45 minutes; cut open one tentacle to check it’s cooked thoroughly). Cool in the cooking liquid. Drain octopus and combine with the chilli paste to coat well. Refrigerate to marinate.

3. For the cured egg yolks, cook the eggs for 35 minutes at 68˚C in the circulator. Check to not overcook them (the time depends on how many you cook together at one time). The yolks should be jammy but still hold their shape and the whites should still be slightly raw, but not transparent. Cool down the eggs in an ice bath. With the help of cold water, remove the egg yolk from the white and place the egg yolks in a container with the soy sauce (discard the whites). Marinate the yolks for least 2 hours, flipping over occasionally to evenly coat in the soy sauce. Place the egg yolks in a 1-litre container and keep at room temperature.

4. For the creamy habanero, blend all the ingredients together until smooth.

5. For the cured egg yolk salsa, mix 150g of the cured yolks and 150g of the creamy habanero in a bowl with a hand-held blender, then mix in the lime juice and soy. Check seasoning.

6. Heat the corn oil in a deep saucepan to 185˚C and deep-fry the tortillas until crisp.

7. Grill the octopus over coals or in a grill pan until smoky, then, when cool enough to handle, slice. Fan the avocado slices out on the tostadas, arrange the octopus slices on top, spoon the cured egg yolk salsa over the octopus and garnish with coriander.