The Building of a Pop-Up Melbourne Icon

As we say goodbye to 2013 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, here we share the behind-the-scenes story of building the The Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar. For a fleeting 17 days, The Urban Coffee Farm & Brew Bar payed homage to the humble coffee bean. With a rotating line-up of Melbourne’s best café’s creating a warming brew every day and top Melbourne bars crafting signature coffee-based cocktails in the evening, this was our favourite Festival playground.

Designed and developed by HASSELL’s Young Designers Group, the temporary mini jungle in the heart of the city re-interpreted a terraced coffee farm and told the story of where our coffee comes from.  Embracing the opportunity to contribute to an exciting community project so intertwined with Melbourne’s rich culture, Schiavello Construction took on the unique task of building a bespoke structure for the project.

With a team of six, Schiavello Construction helped HASSELL turn three Port of Melbourne shipping containers, 1,305 raw timber pallets, 175 Australian coffee trees and over a thousand Victorian grown tropical plants from Warners into the once-in-a-lifetimeicon on display at Queensbridge Square.

We hope you enjoy the video!

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