The rogue scholar returns with the Victorian gins you'll need when you're fixing Martinis.

“Professor Drinks, which Victorian gins do I need to make Martinis?” – dorothyparker666.

Victorian distilling is booming, with over 100 distilleries producing some world-beating spirits. While I could wax lyrical about all manner of rums, whiskies, brandies and vodkas, we decided to hone in on the best gin for your Martini. You only need a few ingredients for a Martini, so the gin you choose has nowhere to hide. These gins are loud and proud.

Darling Distillery gin
This urban distillery in Clifton Hill makes a wonderfully textural gin, using cultured butter and honey (don’t worry, this doesn’t make it sweet, but gives it great texture). Paired with warm citrus notes of mandarin and lemongrass, spice from pepperberry and earthy herbal notes from rosemary and coriander, this is a beautifully complex gin that works best in a dry Martini with an orange twist.

Naught Australian Dry gin
This award-winning gin is distilled in suburban Melbourne and is an amazing all-rounder. It builds on a classic gin flavour profile of juniper and citrus, but layers in wattleseed and star anise for a warm and earthy twist. This works well in a dry Martini with something savoury like olives.

Kilderkin Distillery Larrikin Original gin
A larrikin being a loveable Australian rogue with a disregard for authority, this Ballarat gin sure lives up to its name. It’s big and bold, with great mouthfeel and depth of flavour. It uses a mixture of ‘old’ and ‘new’ botanicals to add a distinctively Australian flavour on top of a classic gin profile. I love it in a wet Martini with a lemon twist.

By Cara Devine