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Visit Melbourne

Melbourne’s a lot of things, almost too many to list. But you never come here for just one thing. You come here for as many different things as you can jam into your time. That’s because what we really are is a city of individuals, creating unique and enriching individual experiences for all the individuals who visit.

That’s what makes us – Every bit different.

What's On

Melbourne’s calendar is so jammed packed year-round with major exclusives there’s barely time to breathe. The list goes on and on. And on. And on.
And you know the best thing? They’re all either in the CBD, or so close that coming for an event isn’t just about doing one thing, it’s about doing all the things. World class restaurants, arts, live music, bars, fashion and fun, fun, fun.

See & Do

Melbourne is a diverse city that knows how to live. Choose from high-end cuisine to basement rock gigs, plays, festivals and blockbuster sporting events – all happening across a city full of parks, gardens and historic architecture. There’s always something exciting happening in Melbourne, whatever your taste.

Beyond Melbourne

Sometimes you need to take a break from the bright lights and bustling energy of the city and swap it for some twinkling stars and natural beauty. Head out and hit the open road and into the loving embrace of Mother Nature.
Only 30 minutes from the city you could find yourself deep in the primordial landscape of the Black Spur Drive. A little further afield, there’s national parks, beaches, rainforests and more to explore, waiting for whenever you’re ready to go off-grid and hit the off switch.