If 2020 could be considered the year of the bakery, then-newcomer Falco definitely came out as a frontrunner.

Opened on the site of American diner Rockwell & Sons by the Rockwell team, it carried an echo of the American diner’s barnstorming spirit.

Baker Christine Tran works alongside the chef Casey Wall (who is also across Bar Liberty and Capitano) in a kitchen turning out naturally leavened loaves and baked goods with an American influence. The peanut butter miso cookie has developed a strong following of people who love the deep caramelisation and studded crunch of a sugar cookie and the chewiness of a peanut butter cookie in the same biscuit.

Wall is from the US and wasn’t sure Australians would gravitate towards a traditional peanut butter cookie, so injected the dough with some dehydrated miso that was being used at Bar Liberty to give the treat a salty, balanced backbone. Given that the bakery now sells hundreds and hundreds of them a week, placing them in the top five sellers alongside the country loaf and chicken sandwich, it’s safe to say he nailed it.

Falco Bakery, 288 Smith St, Collingwood, www.falcobakery.com.

By Jess Ho