Exceptional organic blueberries grown on the rich red soils of the Great Dividing Range.

A family-run certified organic farm in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range in Gippsland, Moondarra Blueberries is a business that produces amazing blueberries and quality blueberry plants with one central philosophy: every decision made on the farm takes into consideration the impact on customers, employees, family, lifestyle and the environment. Mal Deveson bought the 65-hectare property in 1976 and three years later converted the former beef-cattle farm to blueberries, a relatively new crop in Australia at the time. The blueberry farm became certified organic in 1991 and Mal and his two children, Joel and Kate, continue to honour – and expand on – the original philosophy. Most recently, this has meant making changes to the packaging that contains and protects their delicious fruit, ditching plastic for compostable plant-based packaging. “Dad believed we needed to find a home compostable packaging solution, not some half-baked idea,” says Mal’s daughter and Moondarra business manager Kate. “We didn’t want to greenwash our customers with promises of ethical packaging which didn’t actually fully deliver.” Their compostable solution to plastic waste didn’t just deliver environmental benefits, it’s also won awards for the business – the perfect container for the superb organic blueberries grown in the farm’s rich red soils.