Premium olives from the state's rugged west.

Part of Mount Zero’s olive grove, originally planted in 1946 by Australian olive pioneer Jacob Friedman in the Grampians region of western Victoria, is one of the oldest commercial groves in Australia. And where Friedman recognised the region’s climate and soil as ideal for growing olives, the Seymour family who bought the grove three decades ago have continued his pioneering spirit. Their olives are grown biodynamically and all Mount Zero products – including olives, olive oils, pulses, grains and salt – start with flavour but also take into account sustainability, the environment, the people who live in the region, and the health of customers. The family has also helped change the minds of Australian consumers about the quality and validity of home-grown olive oil. “When we started marketing the produce of Mount Zero, consumers believed that the best oils, olives and grains were sourced from Europe,” says Richard Seymour. “We spent the early years convincing consumers that Australian produce is often better than the imported equivalent and so the trend towards local provenance has been a very welcome one.” Also welcome is a company that excels at both flavoursome products and sustainable practices, an excellent balance.


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