Premium preserves from the Mornington Peninsula.

Mumma Made started as a hobby, moved to “side hustle” and then became a full-time business for Louise Evenden. An intensive care nurse for more than 20 years, Louise always enjoyed the art of preserving, particularly when it came to the produce growing in her backyard in Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula. What started with marmalade that she made from scratch from her own home-grown oranges expanded to an impressive range of marmalades, relishes, pickles, jams and mustards and a full-time job run from the commercial kitchen she had installed at her family home. “There was no pre-planned business model,” says Louise. “I just like to work really hard, grow everything I can myself and make sure that everything that goes into a jar I’m happy with – I only make things that I like.”  Mumma Made products are now sold across the Mornington Peninsula and in Melbourne at farmers’ markets, in retail shops, wholesale and, most recently, at a farmgate stall at her house. Louise also makes custom products for local businesses and sells her mustard – which she makes from scratch, including grinding her own seeds – at  the Mornington café owned by her sister. “It’s grown more than I ever imagined,” she says. @mumma.made


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