Drink This Now: Reed Spring Creek semillon

Published on 10 December 2021

Photo: Etta's Hannah Green with a deliciously vegetal semillon.

2021 Reed Spring Creek Semillon 

The brains behind the superb Etta loves the vegetal vibes that power this savoury white.

“Semillon isn’t something I drink a heap of, but I really love the capsicum, spicy, kind-of-jalapeño thing going on with this wine.” Etta owner Hannah Green knows her Victorian vino, so when she chose this Spring Creek semillon from Reed Wines, we knew we were in for a treat. It’s made from grapes picked from 70-year-old vines in Jan Juc, and sings a different song from the usual examples of the style; where semillon in Australia can be overpowering, the richness here is balanced out by some more savoury flavours.

“Being so close to the sea and on limestone soil there’s also this salty minerality to the wine that gives it this great length,” explains Green.

And to eat with it? It’s a nice big, rich wine, so something with plenty of flavour is the go – Green recommends taking a note from the Etta playbook here, with chicken grilled juicy, flavoursome and succulent over coals. Yes please.

“I love Sierra’s wines across the board and this particular site of semillon that she took on last year is really exciting.”

Reed Spring Creek Semillon, $36, available online here.

By Claire Adey

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