Top Five Truffle Dishes in Melbourne Right Now

Published on 20 June 2017

We all know that the secret underpinning any great meal, is amazing produce.

It's this universe between kitchen and producer where Simon Friend and Bryan Burrell weave their magic - together for over 15 years they have been purveyors of the finer things in life. Through Friend & Burrell they provide the best restaurants and delis in our city with the very best ingredients from around the world.

They deal with things you may have only read about, and some you may have tried before: Beluga caviar (the world's most exclusive); Iranian saffron (100% pure and hand cut); Ibérico ham (Acorn-fed Salamancan pork); Kampot pepper (grown in optimum minerally-rich soil of Cambodia); and of course those mystical fungal fruits, the truffle.

With their well-honed sense of taste, we set them free on the city to sniff out the hottest truffle dishes around town to try right now.  

Friend and Burrell’s Top Five Melbourne Truffle Dishes:

1. The Point: Chef Andy Harmer's Hasselback potato, truffle and saltbush.

2. Bellota: Chef Nicky Riemer’s delicious classics including sautéed spaetzle, fresh Italian porcini mushrooms and Manjimup truffles.

3. ESP by Scott Pickett: Chef Stephen Nairn’s sea urchin with brown butter and black truffle.

4. Amaru: Chef Clinton McIver’s 2 - 4 week dried and smoked Victorian duck, preserved truffle and whole Rhubarb plant sauce.

5. Kisumé: Chef Moon’s Crispy Wagyu Truffles with Truffle Miso and Mozzarella.