Dad, Papa, Baba, Vaartje, Patéras, Pita – whatever you call him, he’s about to buckle under the weight of a thousand presents.

As August gives way to September, so too does winter become spring, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to celebrate some fathers.

From coffee shop-branded skateboard decks to pub maps of Melbourne, the 2023 MFWF Father’s Day gift guide has everything you need to curry favour with the big capitano in your life on Sunday 3 September. Happy Father’s Day, Melbourne.

An Everyday Coffee skateboard deck
Dad loves him a cup of Everyday Coffee Joe, but did you also know how he longs to kickflip a ten-stair in the name of his favourite Collingwood warehouse roastery-café? You do now, and you know exactly what you must do to win his approval this Father’s Day.

A Tube-style map of the inner north’s best pubs and bars
“If only some clever artiste would print a handsome map of the inner north’s best pubs and bars,” thought Father on Father’s Day morning. Good news dads, it already exists – and in the fetching style of late designer Massimo Vignelli, no less. Melbourne-based company Admaps makes them in an A2 and an A1, and they’re as striking as they are useful.
From $50,

A Hello Botanical care package
Hello Botanical is an online gift delivery service specialising in indoor plants, which is very cool, but they also deliver care packages, and this year they have a dad-themed one. It’s got jerky, it’s got beer, it’s got nuts, it’s got Old Fashioneds, it’s got EVOO, and it’s got exfoliating hand and body bars – it’s got Dad written all over it.

An Industry Beans x Frank Green French press
Dads, like everyone, love Frank Green things. Why? Because they’re Melbourne-made, and because they’re the epitome of function and style. But odds are the dad in your life is unaware Monsieur Green also makes a very attractive French press. He also probably loves Industry Beans – what’s not to love about delicious Victorian-roasted coffee – so why not treat him to this excellent collaborative effort between two of Melbourne’s favourite coffee and coffee-adjacent companies. This bad boy features a ceramic inner layer to keep Dad’s extra hot long black tasting just as the barista intended.

An Uminono otoro box tote bag
“I desire expensive fish,” said Father on the eve of Father’s Day. If that rings true of the father in your life then why not buy him some of Prahran’s best, and present it to him in a tote bag emblazoned with a picture of the very fish it carries? Only (presumably) at Uminono can you do that. What’s more, they also sell baby onesies printed with the same fishy motif for, perhaps, a father in waiting.

A Mabu Mabu grill master gift set
Isn’t it time Father brought some tropical and Indigenous flavours to the barbecue? Nornie Bero’s Mabu Mabu is responsible for some of the better cutting-edge grilling in Melbourne’s CBD, and she’s letting Dad in on the secret with a collection of sauces, salts and marinades to supercharge the barbie, such as island marinade, organic sriracha and pineapple hot sauce; don’t let him near the Weber without them.

A Food for Everyone recipe poster
Melbourne’s best chefs sharing their greatest recipes on stunning A2 and A3 posters. The perfect gift? Dad says yes. Founder and artist, Melbourne’s Gemma Leslie, brings these recipes to life with such detail and vibrancy that any kitchen or living room – perhaps even a pool room – lifts in their presence. What’s more, for every poster purchased Food for Everyone donates 10 meals to SecondBite, who work with food growers and retailers to rescue and distribute food otherwise destined for the dump.
From $100,

An electric chestnut roaster
“Argh,” winced Dad. “I’d love to roast me some tasty chestnuts this Father’s Day, but I haven’t the open fire”. You don’t need an open fire, Dad, you simply need a Stockli electric chestnut roaster from Constante Imports. It’ll roast his chestnuts in 15 minutes flat, chestnuts he picked up at the nearby Preston Market for likely a very competitive price.

An MFWF gift certificate
Give them the gift of Festival goodness this Father’s Day with a Melbourne Food & Wine Festival gift certificate. From one-off dinners with some of the world’s most cutting-edge chefs to our beloved Crawl and Bite tours, there’s something for every father at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, and a gift certificate allows him to choose his own tasty adventure.

By Frank Sweet