The people have spoken, and they’re demanding spicy pork on rice topped with a fried egg.

The fiery Thai street dish pad kaprao was a major hit at the 2023 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, with Phed Mark, the Bangkok restaurant responsible for the world’s most famous rendition, parachuting into Lonsdale Street’s BKK in March to spread the heat. And spread it they did.

“We were overwhelmed with the response we saw to the arrival of one-dish shophouse, Phed Mark, at BKK earlier this year,” says BKK head chef Sungeun Mo – so much so that the turbocharged Thai diner decided to make space on their menu for one of their own. “It is clear there is an appetite for it,” says Mo.

BKK’s version won’t blow your head off in quite the same fashion as Phed Mark’s – often touted as the spiciest in the world – with Mo’s combination of pork, holy basil, Thai basil, a mix of four chillies and a slightly sweet sauce more focused on blowing your mind.

“Our pad kaprao certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it also isn’t a mouthful of fire. Our signature spice level packs a punch, but it’s fully adjustable, so guests can take it up or down a notch as they need,” says Mo. “For those wanting to give it a red hot go, we can offer a version that challenges even the most seasoned chilli fiend, but for those who prefer no spice, we’ll also have something for you.”

Get yours from 11.30am until late daily.

BKK, Level 3/270 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, (03) 9997 0437,

By Frank Sweet