Italian food in the home of Australian football? How much more Melbourne can you get?

The ’G changed for the better when Guy Grossi took charge of the kitchen at the Melbourne Cricket Club’s exclusive Committee Room. Importing the Italianate panache he’s known for at his Bourke Street restaurants to the hallowed turf of the People’s Ground, Guy Grossi has written a menu of stadium-sized flavour – from osso bucco with saffron risotto to a porchetta prepared to an old family recipe – and it’s time you acquainted yourself with it.

It’s big, it’s bold, and it comes with one truly unique view; here’s what to order at the MCC Committee Room by Grossi.

How about a drink? What’s the best pairing for this spectacular MCG view?
Relaxing and enjoying a meal in the beautiful MCC Committee Room looking out over the spectacular MCG is amazing, and there’s no better way to do it than with a Burgundian-style Victorian red. I’m enjoying the Coldstream Hills pinot from the Yarra Valley at the moment. For pinot, you cannot go past Coldstream Hill’s meticulous wine-making.

Name the dish that captures the essence of what you’re cooking at the MCC Committee Room by Grossi.
I wanted the essence of the food at the Committee Room by Grossi to be our classics – our guests’ favourite dishes. My family recipe for porchetta is a dish I love to cook for celebrations. It captures the joyous feelng of sharing a meal with friends and family.

What’s your favourite part of the venue, and how does it feel to eat lunch overlooking the hallowed turf of the People’s Ground?
The venue has a timeless charm: beautifully lit with the natural light of the hallowed turf.

It’s spectacular and emotive even watching it in silence. And the marble features and wooden finishes on the grappa trolley are elegant.

What would you recommend for someone who’s popping in for something smallish?
Anything goes. From an antipasto and a prosecco, to a pasta and a rosé, our guests can enjoy an authentic experience.

How about those of us who don’t eat the animals? What’s good?
The tortelli maremmani. A classic combination of spinach and ricotta, with a sage and brown butter sauce. It’s a simple dish but it’s classic and comforting.

And to close?
You wouldn’t leave without having a slice of tiramisu straight out of the bowl. It’s our classic family recipe that hasn’t changed in decades and that Melbournians have grown to love.

Committee Room by Grossi, Gate 2, Level 2, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Brunton Avenue, East Melbourne, open noon-3pm Tue-Fri, (03) 9657 8877,