MEDIA UPDATE  |   November 28, 2017



Victoria’s food and wine industry has planned over 200 exciting events across Melbourne and the state that are inspired by the Festival’s 2018 theme of Community.

A few Melbourne highlights:

The Lucky Country by Anchovy and The Grand

Anchovy and the Grand Hotel are celebrating what makes their community of Richmond so wonderful, taking inspiration from all the main waves of immigration and their unique cuisines.

Famous or Infamous at Eau-de-vie Melbourne

An insider's look at the Melbourne bar community and the drinks that made them and our bar scene legendary, including special guest bartenders and drinks like the world famous Death Flip’.

Scrumptious St Albans

Embark on a food degustation of St Albans’ favourite meeting place, the local market, and meet all quarters of the community that have called St Albans home for the last 70 years. On this guided market tour, you will meet some beloved traders, hear their stories, learn their secret cooking tips, watch cooking demonstrations and sample delights along the way.

Aboriginal Fitzroy: Tour & Dinner Experience at Charcoal Lane

Take part in a 30 minute walking tour of Aboriginal Fitzroy followed by a culinary journey of three courses crafted by Chef Greg Hampton focusing on native Australian produce. Between courses a local Elder will reflect on how Aboriginal Australia connects to Fitzroy.

Sicily, an Island Between Many Cultures.

The Cavallaro family has been manufacturing pastries in the Sicilian tradition for more than half a century. Tomasso Cavallaro emigrated from Lipari to Melbourne and established Footscray’s T. Cavallaro & Sons in 1956. In this class, you will make your own cannoli, amaretti and, with Easter around the corner, your own marzipan Pascal lamb.

Hands-On Somali

Experience a truly shared meal. Traditionally, Somalis eat with their hands from a common plate, enhancing the sense of connection and community. Dinner will be served from large share plates and you'll have a lesson in how to eat Somali food with your hands.

A few regional highlights:

Cook the Bay at The Boatshed (Williamstown)

A cocktail style event held within sardine fisherman Phil McAdams' boat shed featuring chefs from Copper Pot Seddon, Rosa Mitchell and Slowfood Melbourne and showcasing seafood available from our bay including sardines, urchin, whiting, mussels and wakame.

Déjà vu Dining at Crittenden Estate (Mornington Peninsula)

During the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival’s first year of celebrations in 1993, Romain Bapst (now of Lutece, Brisbane) was head chef at the iconic Mietta’s in Melbourne. A winemaker dinner was held featuring Mietta’s exquisite French fare matched to Garry Crittenden’s wines. It was the beginning of an era of successful winemaker dinners that we still enjoy today. Join Garry, his son Rollo and Romain as they replicate this exact dinner at Crittenden Estate. Same menu, same chef, same winemakers. Same incredible experience.

10K Gourmet at Jack Rabbit Vineyard (Bellarine Peninsula)

Take part in a community celebration of the Bellarine Peninsula’s rich and diverse bounty, with every morsel and every drop of wine grown or crafted within 10 kilometres of Jack Rabbit Vineyard. Enjoy unrivalled panoramic views across the bay to Melbourne, the You Yangs, Geelong and beyond.


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