Comedian. Actor. Presenter. Writer. Visionary.

Lucinda Price, aka Froomes, is the multi-threat creative that wrote the 2021 ARIAs, the hard-hitting host of Nova’s podcast Where Are All The Baby Pigeons?, and the bold romantic who took out a CBD billboard in an attempt to woo Shane Warne from above.

The Melbourne native is the self-made, modern-day blueprint for online success; “Froomes” is one of the fastest-rising names in Australian entertainment, and, plainly, one of the funniest characters on the internet.

Here’s how she does it when she’s back on home turf.

I know I’m in Melbourne when I see the De Rucci mattress guy at Tullamarine Airport. He is both ruthless and elegant.

My first defining food moment in Melbourne was with my mum and dad at Entrecôte after my uni graduation ceremony. This was back when it was on Domain Road opposite the Royal Botanic Gardens. It was one of those stinking hot days, and after spending five hours inside a stadium waiting for me to walk across the stage, we were spent. We started with cocktails, and I have this striking memory of my dad drinking something blue with a straw. It was so funny, looking around at all these distinguished men sipping fine wine, and my dad’s just there drinking the most sickly sweet cocktail on the menu.

The best new thing I’ve found is Miznon on Hardware Lane. It’s a Mediterranean street food restaurant that is like Ottolenghi’s Simple brought to life. They have this thing called schnitzel malka – which is a chicken schnitzel stuffed with potato puree. Hard to top a pub schnitty but this was all time.

When I want to push the boat out on a meal, I start with some sparkling wine, or better yet, go the full hog and grab a glass of Champagne. Get the juices flowing, get me excited.

There’s no better value in Melbourne than Shanghai Village. I couldn’t not say it! BYO wine, 15 fried pork dumplings for $8, in and out. I have so many fond memories here, from sneaking in wine at age 16, right through to my last visit when my high school bestie and I went after a comedy show and reminisced about our teenage misadventures. I love the manmade ambience of young people shouting at one another for soy sauce.

And when I want to dazzle friends from out of town, I would take them to Colonel Tan’s in Revolver Upstairs. I’ve never actually done that, I just think it would be a cool thing to do. Interstate people hype Revs up and think of it as some kind of mystical wasteland where people die on couches and stuff. In reality I think it’s a real cornerstone of Melbourne culture. Plus the curry is so effing hot. Eating it is a trip in and of itself.

In the mornings you’ll find me waking up late as hell, because I’ll be staying in my childhood bedroom at my parents’ house, and when I’m there I Animorph into a carefree potato. Once I’m up though I’ll go for a rollerblade down the foreshore at St Kilda. If I’m in a sweet mood (which I always am) I’ll grab a gingerbread milkshake from Rococo on Acland Street. Simple pleasures.

My local is Mr Tuppy in Elwood. It’s a Cambodian fusion cafe that is super funky and has real community vibes. Every morning I’m in town, I go and get an almond cappuccino there. I don’t know what their chocolate dusting is made of, but it’s the best in the world. And their takeaway pumpkin roti wrap makes me feel so happy.

If I could change one thing about eating and drinking here it would be to bring back Massive Wieners on Chapel Street. I always wanted to do their challenge where you try to eat a whole metre-long hotdog and if you do it, they take a Polaroid of you and stick it on the wall of fame. I never got the chance, and I think about that often.

But the one thing I hope never changes in Melbourne is Guzel Istanbul in Mentone. It’s a Turkish restaurant on Nepean Highway which, I swear, has not changed since the 1970s. My family used to go there every Sunday and I have fond memories of playing Petz on my Game Boy under the purple tablecloths. The bread, the dip medley, the İskender kebab… it’s all so yummy. You will roll out of there.

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