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  The Jungle Giants |  Froomes | Celeste Mountjoy |  Isobel Beech 

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Jess Ho Food writer
Thanh Truong The 'Fruit Nerd'
Celeste Mountjoy Illustrator
Emma Hakansson Vegan activist
Isobel Beech Writer
The Jungle Giants Band
Nick Shelton Broadsheet Media founder.
Jessica Nguyen Home cook & food creative.
Lucinda Price aka Froomes Actor & comedian.
Kara Monssen Food writer & columnist.
Diana Chan Food influencer.
Frank Pham YouTube sensation.
Ben Brown Melbourne Football Club key forward
Rosa Mitchell Restaurateur, Rosa's Canteen.
Rushani Epa Food and drink editor at Time Out.
Thi Le Chef & co-owner of Anchovy
Ellen Porteus Victorian artist
Masahiko Yomoda Creative Director of Ishizuka
Alice Oehr Graphic artist and designer
Katrina Sedgwick Director & CEO of ACMI
Iva Foschia Leading Melbourne architect
Kate Stevenson Broadcaster
Huw Murdoch Baker
Sandra Foti Owner of Piccolina gelateria.
Raf Epstein Radio journalist.
Mark Dundon Coffee guru.
Scott Pickett Chef and restaurateur
Koichi Minamishima Chef and restaurateur
Katherine Firkin Journalist & author
Jane Harper Author
Nick Place Journalist & author
Peter Rowland Caterer
Fides Mae Santos-Arguelles Co-founder of The Entree.Pinays
Tayla Harris Athlete
Jessi Singh Chef and restaurateur
Jake Smyth Restaurateur
Adrian Richardson Chef and restaurateur
Anthony Femia Cheesemonger
Jacques Reymond Chef and restaurateur
Cam Smith Broadcaster
Russel Howcroft Ad man
Katie McCormack Restaurateur
Caroline Wilson AFL journalist
Louisa Allan and Shuki Rosenboim Chefs and restaurateurs
Guy Grossi Chef and restaurateur
Pascale Gomes-McNabb Interior designer
Maddison Connaughton Editor
Katya Wachtel Editor
Matt Wilkinson Chef and restaurateur
Chyka Keebaugh Author
Tom Hawkins AFL footballer
Gyton Grantley Actor
Dr Sandro Demaio Medical doctor and TV personality
Aaron Turner Chef
Alice Zaslavsky Food literacy advocate and journalist
Kirsha Kaechele Artist and curator
Marieke Hardy Artistic director
Gary Mehigan Chef and TV personality
Jordan Lewis AFL footballer
Julian Hills Chef
Lord Mayor Sally Capp
Kate Ceberano Artist
Lucy Feagins Stylist
Meg Tanaka Chef and restaurateur
Lauren Eldridge Chef
Khanh Nguyen Chef
Jane Willson Editor
Nicky Riemer Chef and restaurateur
Julia Busuttil Nishimura Chef and author
Matthew Bax Bar czar
Kate Reid Chef and restaurateur