Drink this now: Pique Season 1 piquette

Published on 9 May 2022

Photo: Milieu's Stefanie Breschi (credit: Jana Langhorst).

Stefanie Breschi waxes lyrical about her favourite low-alc tinny

As the food and beverage director for the Milieu group, Stefanie Breschi taste tests some of Victoria's best drinks. So when we asked her what she’s drinking now, we knew we were about to discover something special. 

Introducing Pique, a low-booze, high-flavour canned piquette made here in Victoria. “I’ve been leaning into low-alc options and have found the emergence of piquette revelatory!” says Breschi. “Piquette has been a French tradition for generations and is made from the second pressings of grape pomace, i.e. the fully fermented leftovers from wine production that would otherwise be discarded.”

Pique is the brainchild of Manon Houg, wine professional and marketing manager at Mac Forbes, whose grandparents in France have been making piquette for years. Designed to be consumed ice-cold, it’s light, spritzy and astoundingly refreshing, and can be sampled at places like Gerald’s Bar, The Lincoln, Future Future and Staple Liquor. And “while it’s delicious,” adds Breschi, “I also love the fact it's a by-product, which turns our minds to ways we can utilise every part of the grape-growing process.”   

And what to eat with it? Breschi suggests “sweet melon wrapped in San Daniele prosciutto – or iberico, if you’re feeling fancy.” If meat isn't your thing, might we suggest manzanilla olives and sea-salt chips to bring the apéro dream to life.

Pique, piqueseasons.com

By Claire Adey

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