Melbourne's Best Snacks: Chadz Chickenhaus's crispy pata

Published on 6 October 2021

Photo: Chadz Chickenhaus's crispy pata (illustration: Callum Preston)

Go big - and we mean really big - with this porktastic Filipino favourite. 

There are two types of snack in this world: snacks that are a deep-fried pig trotter, and snacks that are not. If you’re a fan of the first camp, Filipino institution Chadz Chickenhaus is for you. Served as either an auxiliary main course or a communal beer snack, crispy pata is all about more-is-more.

"Ours became well known for its size – and our ability to make the skin crispy," says a manager at Chadz. "The crispy pata is twice cooked. First it’s tenderised and boiled in spices and aromatics. Once cooled down it’s deep fried, and that’s where the magic happens. A lot of people believe a good sign for a good crispy pata is bubbly skin. But we manage to create a crispy skin without the bubbles!"

The trotter lands on the plate in snackable shards, the bone resting on top like a hunting trophy, and comes with a sharp soy-vinegar dipping sauce that cuts through the mouth-coating oil. Coming in at well over a kilo of good times, Chadz’ pata is unlikely to be a snack for one, so be sure to corral a couple of hungry helpers for this journey to porcine paradise.

Chadz Chickenhaus, 475 Ballarat Rd, Sunshine and 11/51-53 Synnot St, Werribee,

By Frank Sweet

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