Melbourne's Best Snacks: The Original Maltese Pastizzi Co's ricotta pastizzi

Published on 1 December 2021

Photo: The Original Maltese Pastizzi Co's ricotta pastizzi (illustration: Esther Sandler).

As Melbourne’s Maltese community will attest, when you’re talking about the butter-flaked national pastry of Malta, you’re talking Sunshine North’s Original Maltese Pastizzi Co.

“And when you talk traditional, you’re talking ricotta or pea,” chimes in owner Melissa Wassilief. And her ricotta-filled pastizzi, in particular, are worth crossing town for.

At roughly half the size of a pasty, the boat-shaped pastries sport golden layers fanning outward like the wings of the Opera House, giving way to a tablespoon of soft ricotta in the centre of each. They’re stunning, and clearly a labour of love. “We mix the pastry, it sits, we roll it and butter it and the next day it’s ready for use,” says Wassilief.

While the team is making the pastry, the cooking is also underway. “It’s a two-day process, and the process of rolling it with the butter gives it the lines – that creates the flakes. But it can take someone a year to get up to scratch in terms of speed and technique.” Brimming with niche Maltese produce, soccer jerseys and tea towels, the shop itself is effortlessly inviting, its window stools the perfect place to savour one of the flagship snacks of the west.

The Original Maltese Pastizzi Co, 19A-B Suffolk Rd, Sunshine North, @theoriginalmaltesepastizzico.

By Frank Sweet

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