Flavourful and sustainably-made kombucha brewed in Brunswick.

Good Brew is a social enterprise producing probiotic-rich fermented drinks. Established in Brunswick in Melbourne’s inner north in 2012 by Dean O’Callaghan (aka “DeanoGoodbrew”), Good Brew “distributes, packages and serves our products as sustainably as possible while blending science and traditional medicine in delicious, accessible ways.” Good Brew produces kombucha and the “Champagne of kombucha”, jun, a lighter, bubblier drink made with green tea and honey rather than kombucha’s more robust black tea and cane sugar. Dean has built his business with triple-bottom-line aims: to be good for the health of customers, to be good for other brewers by promoting their brews alongside his own, and to be good for the planet with an environmentally friendly approach that includes solar-powered brewing and the exclusive use of organic and local products such as Daylesford spring water, local honey, organic teas and sugar, and an impressive range of flavours, from strawberry gum and passion flower to lemongrass, ginger and purple corn. Good Brew sells home brew kits and runs workshops for those wanting to become experts in all things kombucha and jun. Blending science, herbal medicine, sustainable practices, good attitude, healthy probiotics and delicious flavour, Good Brew is a drinks company right for our times. 



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